By Kathleen Wolf Davis | Nov 18, 2015
We wanted to get the skinny on utility analytics, an insider viewpoint on what’s working and what’s not. So we sat down with Dr. Noa Ruschin-Rimini, founder and CEO of Grid4C, a company that’s all about machine learning and smart grid predictive analytics. ...more
A story from Utility Analytics Week
By Kathleen Wolf Davis | Nov 18, 2015
“There’s a lot going on with analytics, but we continue to just build more and more silos of information, said Jeffrey Akers, chief strategist with Hewlett Packard Enterprise at the onset of a session titled “How sustainable is your big data investment for tomorrow’s need?” (The session was part of the Utility Analytics Week conference in New Orleans.) ...more
A story from Utility Analytics Week
By Kathleen Wolf Davis | Nov 11, 2015
Meter Socket
“Today’s meters are light. The old ones were heavy and dissipated heat a lot better, actually,” said Ken Dimpfl, manager of meter engineering with American Electric Power (AEP), while discussing the deep details of temperature data analytics at Utility Analytics Week in New Orleans in late October. ...more
By Kathleen Wolf Davis | Nov 11, 2015
A smarter grid for consumers
“The keyword is resilience,” said Chen-Ching Liu, Boeing Distinguished Professor at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and director of the Energy Systems Innovation (ESI) Center at Washington State University. I had asked him about the most important research he’s conducting under the umbrella of the grid. ...more
By Peter Key | Nov 11, 2015
Onzo discussion
Founded in 2007, Onzo Ltd. is a London-based provider of data-analytics services to the electric utility industry. Its investors include Sigma Capital Group plc, which has multiple offices in Great Britain; Cipio Partners, which has offices in Munich and Luxembourg; and West Coast Capital, the investment firm of Scottish entrepreneur Sir Tom Hunter. ...more
By Kristen L.K. Brewitt | Nov 4, 2015
Business customers are demanding a more personalized experience from their energy service providers, one in which they gain tangible value beyond safe, reliable, and affordable service. Businesses want to be empowered to better manage their energy spend. ...more
By Dan Brancaccio | Nov 4, 2015
The term smart grid has been around for some time now, although the meaning has shifted over the years. In its earliest usage, it was applied to systems that made use of data to perform power quality studies and post event analysis. ...more
By Kathleen Wolf Davis | Nov 4, 2015
We polled a number of utilities this fall and asked them the question in this title. Here are some of their responses. This is part two. To read part one featuring AEP, SMUD, Seattle City Light & Idaho Power, just click here: ...more
By Vanessa Edmonds | Oct 28, 2015
The roots of modern day workforce management are in the human relations movement of the early 20th century. Back then, researchers began documenting ways to create business value from the strategic management of employees. ...more
By Kathleen Wolf Davis | Oct 28, 2015
For the fall print issue of Intelligent Utility magazine, we polled a number of utilities and asked them the question in this title. Here are some of their responses. ...more