“The soft stuff is hard”
By Mike Smith | Jul 23, 2014
“Now we have installed all of our smart meters, digitized part of our grid, have a new data warehouse, and we have lots of people working with the data. Now we are asking ourselves how do we realize value and ultimately achieve an acceptable level of ROI.” ...more
By David Pope | Jul 16, 2014
Analytics can deliver on the promise of new opportunities by revealing the insights needed to successfully pursue them. Customer-centric utilities need analytics for better targeting, higher response rates and improved campaign ROI. ...more
By Jeff Myerson, By Burke Watson | Jul 16, 2014
While helping to rebuild a fort in Egypt in 1799, a French soldier stopped to examine a broken slab of rock that had been unearthed. The piece, engraved with hieroglyphs and two other distinct scripts, soon drew interest from scholars around the world. ...more
Mark Browning, Exelon Corporation
By Chris Moyer | Jul 16, 2014
Mark Browning is the Vice President of Information Technology at ComEd, which is part of the Exelon family of Utilities. He is also one of the Executive Advisory Council members of the Utility Analytics Institute. ...more
advice from Oracle's oracle
By Kathleen Wolf Davis | Jul 9, 2014
Oracle’s Guerry Waters can be extremely candid for a corporate executive. When he tells you how much he enjoys your writing, that’s a good thing (at least for me). When he lists issues that a utility needs to tackle this year, it may not seem like such a good thing to all involved. After all, it’s a complicated list. ...more
Funding your trip, beginning the journey, and realizing the value.
By Kim Gaddy | Jul 9, 2014
Continuing our discussion about enterprise analytics with Lisa Dalesandro DiChristopfer, vice president, industry value engineering at SAP from the Part One published on June 12th, ( let’s start by taking a look at building an enterprise analytics business case. ...more
Perspectives From the C-Suite
By Mike Smith | Jul 1, 2014
The mere mention of the word “enterprise” in reference to an IT project is sometimes enough to make some utility leaders head for the hills. Yet we have seen that both the enterprise approach and the “point solution” approach have their merits. ...more
Helping utilities to deal with data long before it became the trendy approach
By John Johnson | Jul 1, 2014
Burns & McDonnell has a rich history in the engineering and construction industry. The firm is over a century old. Aside from its core business, B&M has been helping utilities to deal with data long before it became the trendy approach. ...more
By Kathleen Wolf Davis | Jun 25, 2014
Owned and operated by the Mohegan Tribe of Indians of Connecticut, the Connecticut-based Mohegan Sun operates in an approximately 3.1 million square-foot space, making it the second largest casino in the United States. ...more
By Chris Moyer | Jun 25, 2014
Over the past two years the Utility Analytics Institute has been proud to recognize the industry’s most outstanding leaders in the field of analytics by presenting The Innovation Awards. Once again the Institute will recognize the industry elite in the categories of Grid Analytics, Customer Analytics and Analytics Business Infrastructure. ...more