Data analytics and the utility sector
By John R. Johnson | May 27, 2015
As former Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Southern Company, Becky Blalock spent nearly a decade directing IT strategy and operations for the sixth largest utility company in the world. ...more
By Vanessa Edmonds | May 27, 2015
Energy theft is a bigger problem than most people think. It is one of the costliest types of crimes in the U.S.; the FBI and International Utilities Revenue Protection Association (IURPA) estimate that losses total a whopping six billion dollars each year. Offenders are getting smarter and this number is expected to increase. ...more
By Kim Gaddy | May 20, 2015
Sharing a presentation on the topic of analytics is not an uncommon thing for me to do. Earlier this month, Frank Jiruska, Vice President of Customer Operations at PECO, my colleague Bob Geneczko, Customer Analytics Executive at the Utility Analytics Institute and I shared presentations in a session entitled “Customer Analytics: Discover the Value” at the CS Week Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. ...more
By John R. Johnson | May 20, 2015
Insurance companies are increasingly turning to data analytics to minimize weather-related claims. Insurers are embracing new statistics from IBM Analytics, for example, that show that damage from hail storms inflict more than $1 billion worth of losses each year. ...more
By John R. Johnson | May 13, 2015
The numbers don’t lie when it comes to the lack of rain in California and the state’s ability to conserve water as it deals with the region’s biggest drought in 100 years. ...more
By Kim Gaddy | May 13, 2015
On some days, I marvel at the ever-quickening pace of analytics adoption by utility companies. The use of predictive models and advanced analytics are becoming commonplace and use cases range from credit and collections to customer engagement to preventative maintenance. ...more
By John R. Johnson | May 6, 2015
When it comes to utilizing data analytics, Arizona Public Service sits right in the middle of the adoption curve. ...more
By John R. Johnson | Apr 29, 2015
Last month IBM made a major commitment to drive Internet of Things growth by announcing it will invest $3 billion in its IoT business unit over the next four years. ...more
By Bob Geneczko | Apr 29, 2015
I have been thinking about the role that planning for data acquisition plays in process improvement and system development initiatives. I’d like to offer a perspective based on my own Customer Services experiences. Many of us I’m sure are advocates for ongoing process improvements often based on tried and true techniques coupled with the ability to build/purchase new systems and technology. ...more
Monetizing the Internet of Things
By Kim Gaddy | Apr 15, 2015
This article continues the series of articles highlighting a few of the sessions from the Utility Analytics Summit last month. The keynote speaker for a session entitled “Monetizing the Internet of Things” was Bill Schmarzo, Chief Technology Officer of Enterprise Information Management & Analytics, EMC Global Services. ...more