By Allen Greenberg | Jul 29, 2015
Own shares in any smart-grid tech companies? If not, the time to stock up might be now. ...more
Part 2 of 2
By John R. Johnson | Jul 29, 2015
Last week we learned how the University of California at Davis (UC Davis) is relying on data analytics to analyze and decrease energy use on its sprawling campus. ...more
By Vanessa Edmonds | Jul 29, 2015
In 1976, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) was one of the first utilities in the nation to offer its customers energy efficiency programs. Today, PG&E’s commitment to energy conservation is stronger than ever with the utility’s advanced data analytics programs strengthening its legacy. ...more
By Chuck Tickles | Jul 22, 2015
As I listen to individuals around the industry, I have noticed that with the growth and acceptance of AMI, the topic of Big Data – including data management, data governance – and related technology tools and organizational approaches have us all talking about the importance of data to the business. ...more
By Jim Horstman | Jul 22, 2015
Like a song played to death on the radio, or the over-hyping of a must-see movie, some things just become an irritating buzz. Everyone jumps on board, either with the hope of never-before-seen breakthroughs, or simply to be hip and part of the buzz. ...more
By John R. Johnson | Jul 22, 2015
The University of California at Davis is an innovator when it comes to energy conservation. Last year, the university inked a deal with SunPower to build a 16-megawatt solar power plant that will generate nearly 15 percent of its electricity. The university, however, isn’t stopping there... ...more
By Alyssa Farrell | Jul 15, 2015
The term “Internet of Things” is used with frequency, but what is its meaning? Or its value? ...more
By John R. Johnson | Jul 15, 2015
DTE Energy operates 22 states, in Michigan alone, there are 2.1 million customers! Learn more about this amazing utility in an interview with Gary Gauthier, Manager or IT. ...more
But head-in-the-sand time is over
By Kathleen Wolf Davis | Jul 8, 2015
According to Norm Judah, chief technology officer with Microsoft Services, the most popular topics in the industry, or what he labeled the "shiny thing in the sky", changes. Most recently, it's been big data. Now, it's the Internet of Things. ...more
By Tao Hong | Jul 8, 2015
Analytics is an integral part of this business, but, whether it is due to lack of data or expertise, the business case to invest in analytics has been hard to nail down. But what if your company had a crystal ball for analytics? How easy would it be to make the case then? ...more