By Kai Hui | Oct 7, 2015
Safety, regulatory compliance, asset performance and operational efficiency are the foundation of reliable energy performance that enables utilities to meet customer needs. Every utility recognizes these as the keys to business continuity, yet many operations are experiencing challenges meeting these goals while also satisfying other business needs. ...more
By Bradley Williams | Oct 7, 2015
At its core, operational analytics is an important tool for making better operational decisions for the business enterprise. For utilities, it’s an essential pillar in the support of the dual goals of business stability and transformation. ...more
A profile of WAPA’s Dawn Lindell
By Kathleen Wolf Davis | Oct 7, 2015
Dawn Roth Lindell became chief information officer (CIO) of the Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) in 2013. In case you’re not “in the know,” WAPA is a federal power marketing agency. ...more
By John R. Johnson | Sep 30, 2015
Big data is all the rage in the business world. Companies around the globe are turning to data to increase productivity and efficiencies and better market products to consumers. ...more
By Bob Geneczko | Sep 30, 2015
We continue to hear about how affordable alternative technology will affect the traditional utility business, reducing sales and margins. Whether or not one believes the speed of installation will be quick and extensive, it may be a good investment to understand what can happen if such technologies do take hold in large scale. ...more
By Kathleen Wolf Davis | Sep 23, 2015
We get it. Big data is scary. It can morph into clouds and lakes and deluges at any particular moment. You have nightmares about giant blobs of big data chasing you, ready to engulf everything you are and everything you have. And you’re on the look out for your hero, your own Steve McQueen. (In case you didn’t get that one, Steve McQueen starred in the original flick “The Blob.”) ...more
Can a website use awareness to elude apprehension and apathy?
By Kathleen Wolf Davis | Sep 23, 2015
One of the things we must admit to ourselves in the American power industry these days: We are an industry of acronyms. It’s apparently no better in Europe. They are equally immersed in alphabet soup, but for this particular story --- a story about consumers, no less --- we’re mostly focused on a lot of E’s. (Yes, that’s because we’re talking about Europe.) ...more
An Executive Advisory Council member profile
By Kim Gaddy | Sep 23, 2015
The Utility Analytics Institute’s Executive Advisory Council (EAC) includes up to two representatives from each member utility. Mari Vandewettering, manager, customer insights at PGE, is a relatively new EAC member. We chatted with her about her life at PGE and how she and the company are working with analytics. ...more
By Doug Sterbenz | Sep 16, 2015
Finally, football has resumed. Nearly everyone is excited about the start of the NFL season. As much as I love to watch America’s favorite sport, I really love what NFL fans can teach us. ...more
By Kathleen Wolf Davis | Sep 16, 2015
We asked Chen-Ching Liu, Boeing Distinguished Professor at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and director of the Energy Systems Innovation (ESI) Center at Washington State University, to answer a few questions on the power industry of the future—what it will look like, what the tech will entail and how we’ll get there. ...more