By Chris Moyer | Sep 17, 2014
Check out these videos from the Utility Analytics Summit 2014! ...more
By John Johnson | Sep 17, 2014
Driven by the reams of data that was unavailable just a few years ago, companies in all industries are offering new customer-centric services to avoid becoming commoditized. ...more
Some food for thought from the Institute
By Mike Smith | Sep 17, 2014
OK, now that we have caught your attention we wanted to share a few thoughts and observations on the changing utility landscape. While we don’t think that we’ll all be out of a job in three years, we do think that the industry is poised to hurdle into an entirely new operating model at some point in the not-to-distant future. ...more
By Chris Moyer | Sep 10, 2014
Check out the latest new video with Mike Smith, Vice President of the Utility Analytics Institute... ...more
Now is the time for Geospatial & Situational Intelligence
By Mike Smith | Sep 10, 2014
Now, with inputs from Institute membership and approval from the Institute’s Executive Advisory Council, the Utility Analytics Institute has announced the formation of a new Working Group covering Geospatial & Situational Intelligence. ...more
The role of analytics
By Kim Gaddy | Sep 10, 2014
Analytics means different things to different people. This article includes the perspectives of Jason Iacobucci, PowerRunner’s CEO and his client, Keith Hock, director of transmission technical support at Ameren. ...more
By Chris Moyer | Sep 10, 2014
Friday, September 12th is the last day to purchase discounted early bird tickets for Utility Analytics Week. After several years of being inundated with an influx of new forms of data, utilities are starting to comprehend the potential analytics offers. ...more
By PJ Davis | Aug 27, 2014
How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. The world of big data is getting bigger. The last few months have produced a number of insightful articles to help slice this topic into bite size pieces. ...more
Learn how SDG&E and SoCalGas are making it happen.
By Kim Gaddy | Aug 27, 2014
Last month I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on analytics trends at a quarterly meeting of the Analytics Center of Excellence (ACE). ACE is an internal community at Sempra Energy, the parent company of two California utilities, SDG&E and SoCalGas, which also host the group ...more
By John R. Johnson | Aug 27, 2014
Big data is taking on an increased role at utilities both large and small. Harvesting reams of data that was previously unavailable just 18-24 months ago opens up great opportunities for both utilities and ratepayers. ...more