By Tim Probert | Feb 10, 2016
smart meters, rapid growth, renewable energy
A rapidly increasing share of renewable energy in the power generation mix across Asia is necessitating investment in T&D upgrades, smart meters and microgrids. ...more
By Kathleen Wolf Davis | Feb 10, 2016
renewables, grid of the future, cps energy, utility analytics
For this installment of our popular series of interviews with utility insiders, we sit down with Raiford Smith, vice president of corporate development and planning for CPS Energy to ask him what his San Antonio-based utility has in the works. ...more
New tours announced for April 4 - 6 in San Diego
By Kit Seeborg | Feb 3, 2016
USS Midway Museum
We have added two post-event tour options to this year's Utility Analaytics Summit. Stay an extra day in San Diego and join us for tours of the USS Midway Museum and the Palomar Energy Center. The tours will run on April 6 from 1:30PM – 4:30PM and transportation from the San Diego Hotel and Marina will be provided. ...more
By Ned Miller | Feb 3, 2016
Cyber Security
Cybersecurity attacks just keep coming. There isn’t a day that goes by without a major headline. The frustrating and challenging part is in most cases the incident could have been prevented with proper security controls being in place. Without a doubt, we need to implement greater cybersecurity controls across our nation’s infrastructure to better defend against attacks; however, this is a tall order to fill, as the systems that secure and manage our power grid have been in place for many years and are expensive to replace. One approach to cybersecurity that has been around for a while yet is greatly underutilized is application whitelisting. ...more
A lack of quantitative analysis at the heart of the problem
By Kathleen Wolf Davis | Feb 1, 2016
BRIDGE Energy graphic
What we learned from the BRIDGE Energy Group Utility Industry Survey was interesting, if perhaps a bit frightening—namely that despite all those smart meters, customers remain the #1 source for outage info, whether that outage is storm-related or “blue sky,” as we say. Even though over 80% of electric utilities have smart meters, those aren’t, apparently, being utilized as a primary very often—or even as a secondary source of outage info. ...more
Carol Bartucci to keynote at Utility Analytics Summit 2016
By Kit Seeborg | Jan 27, 2016
Carol Bartucci
We're pleased to welcome Carol Bartucci, Vice President of IT for ComED as a keynote speaker at Utility Analytics Summit 2016. Carol will lead an interactive session to explore the consequences of missing out on analytics capabilities being put to work in other industries. Many leading analytics solution providers are choosing a cloud only delivery model while many utilities insist on a premises-based option. ...more
Sometimes simple can be elegant (and all that is needed)
By Bob Geneczko | Jan 27, 2016
Bob Geneczko of Utility Analytics Institute
A few months back I was lucky enough to hear a presentation delivered by Lou Clyde who is the director of customer insights and analytics at SCANA. Her information reminded me that often we don’t need deep analyses of big data to achieve a successful solution with a high percentage outcome. Let’s look at some of SCANA’s basic data—data that is generally available for utilities. ...more
4 ways technology has changed load forecasting for energy companies and utilities
By Todd Crawford | Jan 26, 2016
spreadsheet image
Predicting load is crucial for energy companies and utilities, and is a classic Goldilocks problem. If not enough energy is produced, outages will occur. If too much energy is generated, the excess is wasted, costing the generating company considerable sums of money. In the not-too-recent past load forecasting was typically done via spreadsheets or very simple techniques (such as regression models). During the last few years, however, significant advances have been made in several key components of the load forecasting process. ...more
By Kit Seeborg | Jan 20, 2016
Alex Keros to speak at Utility Analytics Summit 2016
We’re pleased to announce that Alex Keros of General Motors will speak at Utility Analytics Summit 2016 in San Diego. Be sure to join us for his presentation: The Evolution of the Automobile: Emerging Paradigms for the Transportation & Utility Industry. ...more