By Vanessa Edmonds | Aug 26, 2015
The state of California is as dry as a bone. A chronic drought -- the consequence of too little rain and too much heat -- has tormented residents for four grueling years. UC Berkeley paleoclimatologist B. Lynn Ingram was quoted in a Time article last year that California hasn’t been this dry for approximately 500 years, an estimate based on the width of rings from very old trees; wide rings indicate years of substantial growth from healthy rainfall, while narrow rings indicate years of little growth from dry weather. ...more
By Kim Gaddy | Aug 26, 2015
Utilities have an enormous amount of unstructured data. When I talked with Jerrold Vincent, systems analyst at Arizona Public Service (APS), his estimate that about 80 percent of the utility’s data is of the unstructured variety really didn’t surprise me. ...more
By Chuck Tickles | Aug 19, 2015
For those of you that were around the utility industry and the information technology business around the turn of the century, you will remember it as a time of massive IT Investments and rapid business change driven by new business applications and technologies. ...more
By Shelly Cotton | Aug 19, 2015
Please take a moment to view a UA Week 2014 interview on Energy Central TV... ...more
By Jim Horstman | Aug 19, 2015
In the recent article “Big dat,a or is it? Big data POC at Vectren,” the use of a big data proof of concept (POC) was described by Tom Vargo, director, strategic technology programs, at Vectren Corporation. ...more
By Kathleen Wolf Davis | Aug 19, 2015
We get it. Big data is scary. It can morph into clouds and lakes and deluges at any particular moment. You have nightmares about giant blobs of big data chasing you, ready to engulf everything you are and everything you have. ...more
By Guest Writer | Aug 12, 2015
Big data is a big deal for the world’s power and utilities (P&U) companies. Utilities are grappling with much bigger data volumes along the entire value chain because of numerous trends currently impacting the industry... ...more
A data scientist answers
By Kathleen Wolf Davis | Aug 12, 2015
Well, the answer to that question in our headline from C3 Energy’s Chief Data Scientist Zico Kolter is yes --- and no. You need the skills. You need the product they make. You need to understand how data science can impact revenue protection, predictive volt/VAR optimization and asset maintenance. ...more
By Kathleen Wolf Davis | Aug 6, 2015
I really hate cocktail parties. They may totally be up your alley -- the mixing, the mingling, the socializing, the learning -- but I’m the grouchypants in the corner with my drink, walling myself off mentally and wanting to go home. ...more
Leveraging data analytics to drive customer engagement
By Guest Writer | Aug 5, 2015
Utilities are investing in data analytics in big ways, with over half of deployments focusing on analytics that help them get to know their customers better, according to recent industry news. ...more