By Chris Moyer | Apr 23, 2014
The Third Annual Utility Analytics Summit (April 9th-11th) was by far the largest and most integrated spring event the Institute has had to date. With 274 attendees, first rate content, comprehensive working group meetings, and a successful social media campaign the Raleigh conference truly lived up to Energy Central’s mission of informing and connecting the global power industry. ...more
By Mike Smith | Apr 23, 2014
It was only a matter of time before the above headline made an appearance in Utility Analytics Weekly. Since the realization of the ARRA Smart Grid funding and related activity, Washington, DC has become a hub of U.S. utility activity relating to and beyond the smart grid. ...more
By Chris Moyer | Apr 16, 2014
The Utility Analytics Institute is trying to understand what you would like to see on our new and improved website. ...more
By John Johnson | Apr 16, 2014
Grid analytics continue to be a major focus of utilities. Be it about outage management -- and using data to assist in identifying outages and restoring power --or more advanced power quality optimization services, big data is having a major impact on utilities big and small. ...more
Utility Analytics Institute member SAS announced a major software and research grant at the 2014 Utility Analytics Summit.
By Kim Gaddy | Apr 16, 2014
The primary challenge associated with utility analytics initiatives is the “lack of necessary skills/staff” according to the Utility Analytics Institute’s recently published 2014 Grid Analytics Report. This year’s Utility Analytics Summit focused significant attention on the analytics knowledge, skills, and abilities required of the data scientist, business process owner, IT professional, and utility executive. ...more
Building a Better Utility Analytics Institute Platform
By Chris Moyer | Apr 9, 2014
Do you want to win a 16GB Kindle Fire HD? In conjunction with the start of the UAI Summit, and the upcoming launch of our new website we wanted to take this opportunity to genuinely listen to what ideas you have and improvements you would like to see for the new community platform. There is nothing more important to me or the Institute than building a website that provides you the resources you need, the information you want, and a user experience that is enjoyable. ...more
By Mike Smith | Apr 9, 2014
For better or worse, I am old enough to remember when fast food joints dished out burgers and fries for lunch and dinner. As they all started adding breakfast to their menus and hours of operation (starting with the deliciously greasy “Egg McMuffin”, I think) the airwaves were filled with message like “…it’s not just for breakfast anymore.” ...more
By Chris Moyer | Apr 2, 2014
Anyone want a FREE 16GB Kindle Fire HD? Starting next week in conjunction with the Utility Analytics Summit and the upcoming launch of the new and improved Institute Community we will be running the UA Community Challenge. Whether you will be in Raleigh NC or not there are several ways to enter and win. ...more
By Kim Gaddy | Apr 2, 2014
Diversion is the single most important revenue protection risk faced by utilities. Adverse economic conditions have only increased the risk. Those that would break the rules and steal energy are finding new and more sophisticated ways to accomplish their goals. The problem is no longer limited to single residential users. Heavy consumers of energy are becoming a bigger part of the challenge, in particular marijuana growing operations. ...more
By Chris Moyer | Mar 26, 2014
These are exciting times for us at the Utility Analytics Institute. The end of March means the UAI Summit is just around the corner (April 9th-11th), spring is here (just about), and four new working groups have formed. While each of these occurrences brings the anticipation of positive change, Energy Central is currently working on a project that will fundamentally alter and improve the way we connect and communicate with our members. ...more