By John R. Johnson | Jul 1, 2015
Like most utilities, Georgia Power is challenged to justify the investments needed to launch a full-blown data analytics program. The utility and its parent company, Southern Co., have successfully dabbled in the low-hanging fruit when it comes to data analytics but is focused on how to move beyond that. ...more
Use of environmental information at Southern California Edison
By Jim Horstman | Jul 1, 2015
The use of weather information and, more broadly, environmental information (e.g. earthquake, fire) has increased at utilities as more information has become available on the Internet. ...more
By John R. Johnson | Jun 24, 2015
Given the relative newness of data analytics in the utility industry, most utilities are all over the board when it comes to adopting data analytics policies and programs. Mallik Angalakudati, vice president, financial and resource management for Gas Operations at Pacific Gas and Electric Co., recently took some time to field some questions about PG&E’s data analytics programs. ...more
By Vanessa Edmonds | Jun 24, 2015
Big data has gained star power over the last few years; it is the perceived answer to making more informed business decisions. ...more
Part 3 of 3
By Kim Gaddy | Jun 18, 2015
Mark Konya well understands the value that analytics can deliver. Konya is also cognizant of how important employee engagement (also referred to as “organizational buy-in”) is to realization of that value. ...more
Part 2 of 2
By John R. Johnson | Jun 17, 2015
Last week we looked at the path taken by CenterPoint Energy to create a viable team to fuel its data analytics operations. This week we examine some of the data analytics use cases deployed by the utility. In late May a series of severe storms swamped the Houston area with heavy rains, resulting in record flooding and leaving more than 50,000 residents without power. ...more
Platform-as-a-Service solution for energy industry IoT applications
By Guest Writer | Jun 10, 2015
Redwood City, Calif. – June 8, 2015 – C3 Energy today introduced the general availability of C3 CyberPhysix™, a comprehensive design, development, provisioning, and operating platform for deploying industrial-scale cyber physical applications for the energy industry. ...more
Part 1 of 2
By John R. Johnson | Jun 10, 2015
It has been four years since Bill Bell was thrust into the role of leading up the data analytics charge at CenterPoint Energy in Houston. ...more
Part 2 of 3
By Kim Gaddy | Jun 10, 2015
Ameren’s vision is to “lead the way to a secure energy future,” while its mission is “to power the quality of life.” ...more
By Jim Horstman | Jun 3, 2015
While firms in the financial, insurance and medical areas have been at various maturity levels of data governance for some time, many utilities are just now considering or beginning to implement data governance. ...more