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Upcoming Webinar - May 22, 2018
Analytics as Strategy
In 2017, While many utilities understand that the analytics discipline offers heaps of benefits, crafting an actionable analytics strategy has proven much more difficult. In this session, Joe Tellez and Andrew Braeger of Tacoma Public Utilities, will share how they've effectively developed an enterprise approach to utility analytics that is integrated with the utility business strategy.

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The Future is Now
The Future is Now - April 3, 2018
Over the last decade, utilities have pushed the envelope on analytics. Moving from an era where industry publications ran cover stories on the “data deluge,” we see utility analytics leaders today re-shaping business operations across the utility enterprise and changing age-old assumptions via innovative analytics. Now advanced analytics are opening still more opportunities for improved utility business operations.
Minimizing Customer Fraud through a Collaborative Analytics Approach - March 7, 2018
In 2017, Southern California Edison (SCE) centralized its process for addressing customer complaints for payment scams and fraud. This centralization allowed SCE to develop a process for data collection and analysis, leading to targeted education and outreach. This project has significantly reduced the number of customer complaints while also reducing the overall cost of bills. As a result SCE has realized significant improvement in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
Empowering Collaborative Advanced Analytics Across Utility Operations - January 17, 2018
This webinar will discuss the emergence of the Data Science Platform as an integrated and collaborative environment for empowering advanced analytics across the utility enterprise. A successful Data Science Platform enables the proliferation of data, opening up new domains for analytics. Data that was previously unavailable to users can be easily and efficiently accessed, enhancing scalability and collaboration amongst data science, business and IT teams.
CenterPoint Energy's Response to Hurricane Harvey - December 5, 2017
Hurricane Harvey was a record-breaking storm inundating southeast Texas with 51.88 inches of rainfall, breaking the single-storm record of 48 inches set in 1978. The hurricane had maximum sustained winds of 130 mph at landfall. There were more than 42,000 lightning strikes across CenterPoint Energy’s electric service territory. The storm tested the resiliency of Texas’ electric grid and the response plans of energy providers.
The Current State of Smart Grid Analytics - September 21, 2017
The Utility Analytics Institute conducted a research study sponsored by ABB to assess how far the utility industry has progressed in its evolution toward a smart grid and maturation of smart grid analytics. The Current State of Smart Grid Analytics research report relies on a survey of utility leaders and other primary sources to develop a first-hand account of where things stand today.
Obtaining Value from Smart, Connected Power Plant Assets - September 27, 2017
Please join Utility Analytics Institute members CPS Energy and Duke Energy for a presentation on how analytics is transforming power generation operations at both organizations. We will hear about CPS’ journey of concept to deployment of near-real-time situational awareness of daily operations and emissions for its renewable and fossil generation fleet.
How Utilities are Leveraging the Benefits of Machine Learning - May 9, 2017
Machine learning in igniting a data analytics revolution across industries. Join UAI members, San Diego Gas & Electric and Pacific Gas & Electric to discuss how those organizations have embraced machine learning and are actively applying it to different operational domains to solve business challenges.

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