About CyberTech Inc

Energy Central was founded in 1996 to satisfy the global power industry’s need for a reliable, trusted information hub where executives and field representatives alike could share ideas and discuss concepts that could alter the future of electric energy. Over the years, we’ve grown into a premier knowledge services organization.

Built on the idea that dialogue leads to the best innovations, Energy Central brings together thought leaders who are dedicated to transforming the electric power industry. Energy Central provides ground-breaking research, insightful reports and analytics, advisory services, and original, thought-provoking commentary – in print and through well-attended events – on energy-driven topics such as:



Energy Central's current product and service offerings include:


  • Award-winning magazines, available in print, digitally, and on mobile devices
  • Deep, interactive websites Social media interest groups Industry-specific blogs
  • Custom marketing, advertising and content solutions
  • News, topic-specific, and user-generated content e-newsletters Webinars and video
  • Custom research and editorial services Renowned industry events Industry-specific job board
  • Deep data analytics on topics including transmission and generation


For access to credible research, experienced industry professionals, and insightful commentary, turn to Energy Central. We put powerful information in the hands of those who stand to shape the future of the energy industry: you.

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